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Safety is no Accident

We take our safety and the safety of our customers very seriously, in fact, it’s our number one priority especially when undertaking jobs at height.  This goes from reading the weather before undertaking the work and waiting if need be until the forecast is predicting safe weather to complete the job, to wearing appropriate clothing, footwear and other PPE.  All our roofer’s clothing, footwear and PPE are checked and upgraded/replaced on a regular basis.

Working on a roof is a dangerous occupation, from job to job precautions may vary but safety standards are always in place.  Our roofers are fully trained, competent and are aware of the risks and how to alleviate them, this even includes how to access the roof – this is planned in advance to ensure complete peace of mind for the customer and for our roofers.

Our roofers treat all roofs as fragile surfaces – even the most robust looking roofs can be misleading. It’s important to remember roofs are not made for continuous foot traffic, our roofers will always put measures in place for roofs proven to be fragile.

For smaller repair work, e.g. a slipped or cracked tile, we always recommend to call a professional company, like ourselves. 

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